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The same central banks that have stolen over 50 Trillion dollars from national treasuries across the planet are now creating a NEW derivatives fraud through the "Cap and Trade" carbon tax system that dwarfs their previous Ponzi schemes. A select group of world banks are lobbying for the same legislation to be passed worldwide. Once the so-called green economy laws are in place, only the global mega corporations - and their subsidiaries - will be allowed to do business.

Van Jones, President Obama's choice for "Green Jobs Czar" publicly stated more than once on the record that the new "Green Economy" is only a cover for a revolution against capitalism and the total redistribution of wealth. What Van Jones does NOT tell his followers is that the modern "Green Jobs" movement was designed from its creation to destroy the middle class and to transfer wealth into the hands of the super elite. It's NOT designed to uplift the poor.

If their plan is successful, every nation on earth will pay money tribute to the New Global Governance ... AND ... every facet of life will be regulated by the Global Planners. Under the Carbon Tax scheme, China, India, Mexico and over 150 nations are "exempt" from the carbon tax.  The global bankers already own the Third World. Their target is the US, Europe and the West.

However, China and India will become a "thorn" in the sides of the World Bankers at some point in the future ... and the "Kings of the East" will band together to destroy and/or take over the World Bank conglomerate. The only feasible option at that time for the World Bank will be to allow major control into the hands of the "Kings of the East." At this vertex of decision, the NIO (New Islamic Order) will then fight against the "Kings of the East" to neutralize their economic power.
Then ... the leader of the New World Governance will come on the scene. Working through - and receiving his earthly authority from - the auspices of the New world Governance in Turkey, the New World Governance leader (the false messiah) will formulate a NEW one world currency which will be accepted by the Islamists, by the Kings of the East, by the West, and by the other nations of the globe. This will be concurrent with a "Peace Plan" whereby Israel will be allowed to rebuild her Temple Mount in concession for a divided Jerusalem.
All the above is predicated upon a New Global Currency. Behind the scenes ... what seemingly was caused by global economic breakdown ... the need for a New Global currency took place. There is NO room in this Global Governance system for the following:
Sovereignty, or
The world in which we live may be divided into three sectors:

1. The moral or spiritual;

2. The social or political; and,

3. The monetary or economic.

There are three (3) areas from which the thrust for a New Global Currency originates:

1. Those who feel jeopardized by the demise of the US dollar: The moral or spiritual sector.

2. Those who want to see the downfall (economically, militarily, and religiously) of the USA: The social or political sector.

3. Those who want to capture mass market of the US and consumers: The monetary or economic sector.

The scriptures prophesy global equalization to facilitate One World Government
. Just as Global (one-world) Religion and Global (one-world) Economic System are necessary for control of the populace, so is Global (one-world) Government. World domination is contingent upon the evolution or formation of a Global Elite sector: a small group of people … extremely wealthy9 and powerful … who control political and economic sectors. You can read about such control in Revelation Chapter 18, and notice there are 27 specific – literal – commodities listed. StudyBabylon, the Enemy of Israel, Exposed – Part 1” and “Babylon, the Enemy of Israel, Exposed – Part 2.”

GFC1 – FSB2 – G-SIB3 – BIS4 – OPMF5 are synonyms for International cooperation for a Super Bank that controls ALL central banks. Talk about inflation? You haven't seen anything yet! See Prince Handley's prophecy of a Global Financial Collapse dated Tuesday, May 6, 2008. The Global Financial Crisis of 2008 will pale in comparison to what you see happen next. This conglomeration will produce a windfall of “false money” – money that is stolen from the public – resulting in a cycle of endless and greater financial controls that will prepare the way for The Mark of the Beast: 666.

EDITOR'S NOTE: 1. A one-world currency is NOT necessary for the New Global Economy prophesied by the Holy Bible … only Global Financial Control. 2. Also, do NOT put long range trust in gold as it may be regulated in the future. Put your trust in the G-d of Israel. 3. Use your credit cards and enjoy them, but realize that each new innovation in card / credit technology is one more step closer to control that will be ultimately utilized by the Global System of The Beast.

Hyper inflation6 or stagflation will create economic havoc for most of the population. Recent gains in the stock market (Dow at 17,000) create a false sense of security among investors. As our money loses value due to government printing false money (increasing money supply or “quantitative easing”), prices go UP … and so do stocks! The stock market is NOT gaining value … our money is losing value! The economy is about to fall apart. The Federal Reserve Board knows this. The Fed is simply “propping up” the economy by quantitative easing and low interest rates. The new head of the Fed, Janet Yellen, is in complete agreement with the Obama strategy of injecting more than $3 Trillion Dollars of “stimulus funds” into the economy.

But ... here is what to watch for: China's Global Elite and their influence -- not only economically -- but militarily and politically: alone ... and combined with other Asian "players."

 The Global Bankers - the financial power brokers - want to control not only finances, but also the natural resources of the world. There are two (2) direct ways to do this: government currency AND government regulation.  

The year 2015 may be a KEY year ... the vertex of decision making changes - with the formation of a NEW third political party in the USA concurrent with a tax revolt. The populist movement in the US will either thrust out the "Banker friendly" politicians and the Obama socialists ... OR ... the USA will fall, never to rise again.
Massive unemployment
Bank "holidays"
Empty shopping centers
Civil unrest and riots
Tax revolution
Food riots
All of the above will combine to bring about not only the fall of the USA but the rise of a New Global Currency ... preparing the way for the New Global Government and the eventual selection of the new global leader: the false Messiah.

More than 31,000 scientists across the United States, including 9,000 PhD's from the fields of climatology, atmospheric science, earth science and hydrology, signed a petition rejecting man-made global warming as a scientific fraud ... and NOT a concensus of scientific opnion.

Many job opportunities in the 21st Century will be in alternative energy. However, the global mega corporations will try to capitalize on this at the same time by regulatory control, which will come about through their lobbying efforts and payoffs to politicians. Only a populist uprising which produces the ousting of corrupt politicians will prevent this from happening.

The "Green Mafia" can take over the entire economy through selective enforcement.


  1. GFC. Global Financial Crisis with primary manifestation in 2008 (originated in 2007) and accelerated by corrupt government buyouts of failing institutions, especially in USA.

  2. FSB. Financial Stability Board created in 2008 by the G20 countries to regulate and control the international financial system.

  3. G-SIB. 29 Globally Systematically Important Banks. The biggest internationally connected banks to be favored and protected in time of economic crisis (even if embezzlement, corruption and mismanagement are the facilitators).

  4. BIS. Bank of International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland. Acts as a SUPER bank for ALL individual country central banks.

  5. OPMF. Outright Permanent Money Finance. This will create giant, immoral, unethical money transfers and a greater disparity in wealth distribution. Money can be created out of nowhere (like USA present Fed policy of “quantitative easing”) and given to governments. This, of course, magnanimously decreases the value of your money. (More supply … less demand or value.)

  6. Inflation and wealth distribution with wealth gleaning on the top end. Economic disruption. The problem is NOT famine, but inflation and scarcity. Revelation 6:5-6.


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